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We need something good. A place and a bit of time to catch a breath and charge our batteries for what is coming. A place to meet, exchange, enjoy and feed our souls. Where we leave energized, motivated and with new ideas.

The atmosphere, the feelings and the romance of live concerts are incomparable. Under the stars and in the midst of an incredible alpine scenery we create memories we’ll never forget.

With the INTERSTELLAR MUSIC NIGHTS ST. MORITZ we would like to provide a night of indie music for the high valley and create a space for people engaged in culture, art and media to come together in between the stars.

Simply put: a creative industry & live music festival 


The Sky Bar has just opened this winter. It’s an incredible place with a wonderful view, right in between mountains and the stars.

We are grateful to have the Art Boutique Hotel Monopol as our main hotel partner and we look forward to building something special. 

Art Boutique Hotel Monopol****
seasonal & regional kitchen

avantgard pop and modern art

unique view
open air concerts at the Sky Bar


Men under the sky

Let’s glide into the weekend. silentbass will lure you into the night with melodic postrock followed by Captain Moustache & Fredo Ignazio with a full dosage of f*** up country trash that will put you right in the mood not to end the night just yet. Dive into a set of house music with Alon Levi. Go get a bit of sleep then, ’cause this is just half of it.

Sky Bar Terrace

No words needed. silentbass follows his own path. With just a bass and some fancy tools he builds walls of music that carry you away, move you in galactic spheres and open your mind, heart and soul. Look up to the stars of the Engadina and let go.

Sky Bar Terrace

CAPTAIN MOUSTACHE & FREDO IGNAZIO is a two-piece western-trash band from the rough Swiss mountain-valley called Glarus. Their unique performance comes along dusty, straight to the guts, no foolin‘ around and they sound like a good old fourty four fired in a dirty spaghetti-western-flic. What their live-shows are like? Oh man – crazy, beautiful and raw!

Sky Bar

Underground is his home ! Based in Zurich, ALON LEVI runs the vinyl only label „God made us funky Records“. Alon spreads the love of House music in every variety.


Women under the sky

Start dreaming at 8pm with ELLA RONEN but don’t worry, she won’t leave you ready for bed because there is more women power to come. EVELINN TROUBLE will kick right in before FREYA picks you up and lets you dance all night. This night is dedicated to the women in music.

Sky Bar Terrace

Growing up in Tel Aviv, between East and West, ELLA RONEN was inspired to fuse the American art forms of jazz, blues and songwriting with her own story, growing up in a reality ripe with contrasts. A childhood of lazy sunny days at the beach while a war rages on close by, growing up and becoming a soldier who does not believe in armies or guns. These are the colors of her story, of her songs.
Immediately upon leaving the army she has decided to dedicate her life to music. She has been mesmerizing audiences ever since. Her ability to encapsulate an audience and weave them in to her stories is legendary.

Sky Bar Terrace

„Consistently catchy, bulky, vast, rotten. EVELINN TROUBLE reaches new levels.“

EVELINN TROUBLEs new tracks promise a spheric trip through her inner life. With mystic lyrics and tears slumber down in the depth of her soul. Maybe she tells about the moving years, traveling between London, Berlin and Switzerland. Between occupied houses, hotel rooms and nights at recording studio. A restless time. Let’s give her a break in between stars.

Sky Bar

FREYA – a woman of many talents. TV-host, actress, producer and DJ. We fell in love with her sets last season when she played at our favorite little Gondla and we danced all night. We’re super happy she’s joining us for this one with some deep tech.


The Art Boutique Hotel Monopol was right away excited about the idea to turn their new Sky Bar into an open air festival with an incredible view. We’re deeply thankful.

. A long time friend and companion on the Interstellar Music journey. Thank you for every thought, every idea, every piece of art you’ve created for us.

The Gemeinde St. Moritz is the perfect home for a festival like this. It provides essential support to build something special. That deserves also a special thank you.

This event is financially supported by FONDATION SUISA for which we are incredibly grateful in this difficult time.



We heartily thank St. Moritz Art News for the courtesy and the great support.

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Get your professional package if you are engaged in the music industry or any industry that is somehow connected and meet colleagues, friends, new people, connect, reconnect, network.

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connect & reconnect

Professionals are exclusively invited to get together and enjoy a weekend among like-minded people. Starting on Friday with a welcome drink, a stroll around the lake and a good hang with loads of music at the Sky Bar.

On Saturday we go hike together and gather over an exclusive 4-course dinner followed by more music and dancing.

Talk business if you want, or just enjoy, charge your batteries, feed your soul. Do yourself some good.

After your accreditation, you’ll receive a link to book your 4*– treat to very special conditions. The whole weekend, single days or join us for the exclusive Pro‘ Dinner only. Special rates for additional nights are available too.

We look forward to reading from you.